About Dr. Thomas J. Darragh, DC, CNET

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Dr. Thomas J. Darragh, a Chiropractor and Stress-Reduction Specialist, trained in Clinical Nutrition and numerous mind-body medicine techniques, has a track record of success that has made him a highly sought after clinician for over 30 years.

In addition to his clinical qualifications, Dr. Darragh is Nationally Certified in Neuro Emotional Technique. He integrates numerous holistic techniques (Bio-Kinetics, Total Body Modification (TBM), Emotion Code, Body Code, Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K) Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM), and has recently trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Dr. Darragh’s approach, coupled with his years of professional and personal experience provides his patients and coaching clients with state-of-the-art Holistic Health Care. He facilitates profound personal change in a relaxed, comfortable setting, with the ultimate goal of helping people achieve mastery in all areas of their life. He works with couples, families, and individuals of all ages, children to ninety-somethings, and believes that we all have the capacity to heal from the most severe emotional and traumatic experiences of our past.